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  PRN has partnered with ABQAURP to provide physicians with a course in Utilization Management Peer Review. This online certificate course will provide a detailed explanation of how healthcare professionals can keep medical decisions in the hands of qualified practitioners as peer reviewers.

Topics include:
- Current regulatory requirements
- Key concepts
- Crafting a quality report
- URAC standards

  • Evaluate utilization review cases using the appropriate review process.
  • Interpret utilization review terminology and concepts
  • Compare and contrast differences between the various types and levels of utilization review.
  • Write clear and concise utilization review determination reports.
  • Integrate clinical and medical reference material to create an appropriate determination rationale.
  • Recognize applicable standards, as applied to utilization review activities.
  • Apply utilization review process to improve personal clinical practice.

CME 5      CEU 5

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