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  PRN 25th Anniversary

PRN has provided a complete online referral system since 2001.  All reviews can be submitted and tracked through an online portal that provides online viewing of reports.  Clients can also search our database for any of their reports in our archive. 


PRN currently maintains 4 websites in addition to  Our other websites provide dedicated portals for some of our clients and consumers and access to our online resources.


Our services are continually reviewed and revised to meet the industry’s growing demands.  If you need any type of physician level review service, PRN can help.

  PRN Product Lines  


Basic Review: Basic Reviews give you streamlined reports at less expense.  Reviews are handled online, saving you time and making it quick and easy to get your reports.


Standard Review: Standard reviews are conducted by physician reviewers who dictate responses to specific questions posed by the client. The more complicated cases are handled as standard reviews. 


Review Issues Include:


·        Medical Necessity

·        Cosmetic

·        Experimental or Investigational Procedures

·        Pre-certification, Concurrent and Retrospective Review

·        Physician-to-Physician Discussions

·        Fee Code Analysis – Coding and Billing Issues

·        Plan Language

·        Workers Compensation

·        Causality

·        Pre-existing Conditions

·        Transplants

·        Oncology Treatment


Expanded Services:

PRN also offers services to meet the broad needs of companies with respect to healthcare law and international business.  These services include forensic reviews for litigation, arbitration services, physician panel reviews, Independent Medical Examinations (IME), and International Reviews. 


To assist clients with their quality improvement projects, PRN also provides review of proprietary treatment protocols, clinical performance audits, independent chart reviews for the quality of care, and internal audits.  All clients can request specialized statistical reporting related to cases submitted to PRN reviewers.



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